When I write, I nearly always use block letters. This forces me to write more slowly and reflect longer on the sounds accompanying the words I’m writing. When I write, I read the words out loud in my head.

Often, when I can’t really hear the difference between letters – like ‘fear’ or ‘leap’, for instance – they also start sliding over one another. I’ve developed a typeface that matches this complaint of mine.

To start, everything’s in capitals and the typeface is very thin. Secondly, when you use the typeface in Adobe InDesign for example, it becomes interactive. There are four versions of every letter, so each letter you type is slightly different, and rather than choosing italic, bold, etc., you can only select a specific level of dyslexia. The sentence above this text is an example.


Visit this website on a Mac or PC to download DISLECTIKA

Free to use but send me an image, thank you